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About Ice Hockey:

Hockey is Canada's national game and its greatest contribution to world sport. A major winter preoccupation of Canada's male youth for almost 100 years, ice hockey is now played seriously by men and women in 20 countries. The word "hockey" is probably derived from the French hoquet ("shepherd's crook"), referring to the shape of the stick, and the nickname "shinny" for informal hockey likely comes from the game's origins in shinty. read more

How to Tape a Hockey Stick Blade

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Be Aware When Using the Dressing Room

Too many times we hear about players having their valuables stolen out of the dressing room while they are on the ice. Even at the arenas where teams are given a key to lock and unlock the door, there are still some circumstances where players have had their items go missing. Here are some tips to avoid having your possessions stolen while at the rink. read more