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Rules and Regulations

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2.0 Weekly Administration
        Automated Emails
        Game Status
         Misreporting of Attendance

Section 6: Payment Information

6.0: Payment Information, Due Dates, Costs, Fees etc

6.1: Payment Methods

6.2: Overdue Payments

6.3: Deferred/ Split Payments

Section 7: Refunds

7.0: Refunds, Reimbursements and Compensation

7.1: Session Starts and Conclusions

7.2: Missed Games

7.3: Game Starting Time

7.4 Personal Conduct

7.5 Suspensions

7.6 Expulsions From a Program

        Hurry Up Rushes
        Giving The Red Line



By registering on you have provided with personal information (name, email addresses, phone numbers etc). This information will be kept private and will not be issued to anyone (including other players in the network) without your consent.

Any person requesting another member’s personal co ordinates will be refused. If you want this information, you must ask that individual on your own. Please do not ask the administrators for another member’s personal information.
4.0 NETWORKING AND PLAYER RECRUITMENT has spent many years developing their members network and will look unfavorably on anyone who makes attempts to recruit players for another team or league while participating in any of our programs. If you are caught doing this, you risk being expelled from all future CH programs. Simply put, don't do it!


CapitalHockey has programs designed for every level of player (novice, intermediate and advanced). Each of our program descriptions will clearly show the rated skill level so that new members to our network can determine whether that program will be a good fit for them.

Join us as a spare? For existing programs, we welcome all new members to a program to first join us as a spare to "try out" the event prior to signing up as a full time player. Doing this will give you a good idea of how the event is organized, the sociability of the group and how it "fits" to your level of play. Contact the administrator for more information about how to get into a game as a spare.


As in any hockey game, the goaltender is the most important position. Having the "right person" in nets can elevate a program's quality (and over all group enjoyment) significantly.  CapitalHockey screens their goaltenders prior to offering them a fulltime position.

1.) Are they a good fit within the group (are socialable and can keep their emotions from getting the better of them)

2.) Can comfortably play at the level of the group, and just as important are they enjoying themselves?

3.) Are they reliable to fully manage the position (attendance, finding replacements, communcation etc).

Do CapitalHockey goatenders pay to play?

"Non Prime Time" (early morning, mid day, after 11 pm)- the majority of our scheduled games.

Goaltenders do not pay to play during "non prime time" games.

"Prime Time" (5pm - 10:30pm) - where the city rates are almost double that of non prime time.

To help offset the high fees transfered to the skaters, our "prime time" goalies will be charged 1/3 that of the skaters fee. Example: If the fulltime "skaters" fee is $250.00, the goalie fee would be $80.00 for that session.

Spare Goaltenders

Spare goaltenders never pay to play.


Goaltenders Responsibilities

As a CapitalHockey goaltender you are fully responsible to manage your position.

1.) Be reliable to show up to the games on time and prepared to play.

2.) Report accurately your game attendance using the CH attendance system. If there are problems, be proactive to help the conveners find a solution to the situation (don't just bail out and leave the convener to solve the issue).

3.) If you aren't able to play in a game, to locate your own replacement and communicate any game/ roster changes to the convener in charge.

    How to do this?

* You will be provided with a "short list" of goaltenders who are often willing to play as a spare. These are guys who have previously played within the CH network and are known to the conveners (are endorsed by CH).

* If the short list of goaltenders isn't effective, you are then to post the game on the forum. It is your responsibility to monitor any incoming responses to your advertisement and to communicate to the convener what the status of the position is.

* In cases of emergency (only) you may contact the convener for assistance in finding a replacement.


Goaltender Communications (admin):

* Using the CH attendance tracker to report your game status.

* If you need a replacement, to connect (via email) the incoming spare to the convener so that the convener is aware of the change and has the contact information of the spare player (and vice versa).


The CapitalHockey network has been running for a very long time (over 18 years). From the start we have been very fortunate to find and recruit many awesome individuals (like yourself) to play in net for our games! Your position is the MOST IMPORTANT of any game and is the reason why we do not charge (or have significantly reduced the rate) for your services - our way of saying "thanks".  We do have expectations that you will take this position seriously and do your best to help maintain the integrity of the program by being reliable and to continue to communicate any issues with our conveners. But most of all, to have fun!!