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Rules and Regulations

2.0 Weekly Administration
        Automated Emails
        Game Status
         Misreporting of Attendance

Section 6: Payment Information

6.0: Payment Information, Due Dates, Costs, Fees etc

6.1: Payment Methods

6.2: Overdue Payments

6.3: Deferred/ Split Payments

Section 7: Refunds

7.0: Refunds, Reimbursements and Compensation

7.1: Session Starts and Conclusions

7.2: Missed Games

7.3: Game Starting Time

7.4 Personal Conduct

7.5 Suspensions

7.6 Expulsions From a Program

        Hurry Up Rushes
        Giving The Red Line

Section 1: ON ICE DEMEANOR/ Personal Conduct


It is mandatory that every player understands and accepts the terms of the personal injury waiver (whether by signature, verbal agreement or electronically responding to) prior to stepping onto the playing surface.


WAIVER/ROSTER: The person whom responds in the affirmative to this form (by electronically or verbally confirming their attendance), hereby request permission to participate in or on the facilities operated by the City of Ottawa. In executing this unconditional waiver, I state that my attendance and participation in the stated activity is voluntary. I assume all risk of injury to my person and property that may be sustained in connection with any activity including leagues, tournament, and pick up games. I hereby, for myself, my heirs, administrators and assignors, release, waive, and discharge Peter Walsworth (the organizer), the City of Ottawa, its sponsors, agents, representatives, or officials from all claims, demands and actions and causes of action of any sort for injury sustained to my person and/or property during my participation in the activities including tournaments due to negligence or any other fault. In addition, I have read and accept the specific rules and regulations (posted on the sporting website) that govern each event to which I am participating in. I further agree to display good sportsmanship at all times. I have read this waiver and fully understand its terms, conditions and meaning.


This waiver is electronically signed each time the player records their attendance on the sporting website (mandatory for participation). However, in the event of a system malfunction each player acknowledges that by consenting to the waiver once, the player accepts that its coverage is in effect for the remaining games within that season/ session.

Players without Internet service:


Will be required to complete a paper version of the personal injury waiver. This waiver will cover their participation until the end of the existing season/ session.


There is to be NO intentional contact or aggression made during the game at any time. All players should be prepared for "incidental" contact and/or collisions - but this should be only a result of the flow of the game and not done to impede or interfere with any other player (including the goaltender).

Failure to abide by this rule may result in a suspension or expulsion from the group (at the discretion of the convener only).

Please respect that players are joining our programs for enjoyment and though the games are competitive, "there are no cups to be won!". Fair play and respect are expected by each member of at all times.

1.2: SLAP SHOTS (our standard rule in effect)

Slap shots are permitted ONLY if the player has a clear line to the net (NO ONE ELSE IS IN OR NEAR THE PATH OF THE PUCK). This rule may be rescinded at any time by the convenor should the group not abide by this basic safety regulation.

If a player takes a slap shot (or an abnormally careless or hard shot) into another person or crowd they may be subject to discipline (suspension and or expulsion from the group). JUST DON'T DO IT!

Slap shots are considered any shot where the player lifts his stick higher than his waist to produce more power behind the shot.

1.3: NO SLAP SHOT AGREEMENT (an enforcement tool only)

A "No Slap Shot Agreement" is made with a specific group when all efforts to stop dangerous shots from happening, fails. This is a step made by the convenor to gain control over the group. The agreement stipulates that EVERY player agrees that if they take a slap shot during the game they will be suspended for the next. This is done in a group forum so that every player witnesses the others in agreement. The rule is then enforced via peer pressure and is an effective way to stop the issue from escalating. If a NO SLAPSHOT AGREEMENT IS ENFORCED - ALL players MUST keep their sticks below their waists when shooting at all times (no exceptions). Only the convenor of the group may levee a suspension onto a player.


1.4a: FIGHTING (verbal or physical)

We have a "Zero Tolerance" fighting rule. If you get into a physical altercation with another player, both players will be dropped from the program.

ANY minor incidents of fighting (being verbal or physical & either on or off of the playing surface) may result in suspension or immediate expulsion from the group.  The convener reserves the right to solely assess the incident and levee a punishment ranging from a reprimand, a game suspension(s) or for more severe infractions, expulsion from the program. Any lost ice time caused due to a fighting infraction (of any sort) is non refundable.



In on ice situations where a player has been interfered with (in any way) by another. The player MUST not take it upon themselves to retaliate in efforts to exact payback or revenge. Instead, that player should approach one of the team captains and/ or the on ice convenors and CALMLY explain the situation. If the player feels they may be too excited to calmly discuss the problem, they should wait until after the game (or later on via email) to raise their concern.

IF the player decides to retaliate against another player (being it a right or wrong circumstance) they will be considered in violation of rule 1.4a "Fighting" and may be subject to further discipline.

Footnote: We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have our programs run as smoothly as possible. However, occasionally something will happen on ice that will get people upset. We will not tolerate in any way vigilante attitudes of payback and will deal with those offenders as harshly as the initial infraction (if not more so). Simply put, don't do it!



Prior to the game: Players who arrive to a game intoxicated and/or who have their motor skill impeded by drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to participate in that game (no exceptions). Any arguments that ensue as a result of enforcing this rule will fall strictly under section 1.4 regarding fighting. Don't Do It!

No alcohol or drugs are to be brought into the dressing rooms or onto the players benches at any time. First warning is a reprimand, second is a suspension. Leave it in your car!

After the game: Players who choose to consume alcohol after the game do so at their own responsibility and risk. It will be understood that in no way is or its conveners/ administrators to be held responsible for a person's actions following an event. PLEASE DO NOT AT ANY TIME CONSUME ALCOHOL ON CITY PROPERTY and always leave the city owned property if you intend on having any intoxicants after the game (this includes tailgating parties).