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Q: I'm not getting the weekly game notices from the CH website?

Posted 9/20/2014

A: The CH website has been running for many years and is for the most part "bug free". If you are not getting your email notices from the website,

please check the roster to see if anyone else has reported in. If there are "other" responses - then the problem is more than likely from your end. SPAM FILTERS: Third party email providers (Hotmail, Gmail, Ymail etc) have built in spam filters that will often block our incoming mail. This is because we use a BCC system to send out group notices (the BCC method keeps your address private) but when it goes through your servers it will be flagged with a higher spam score.

To RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM, simply create an profile in your address book using

Next step: go into your junk mail folder, find an old email from the CH website (open it) and press the "this is not spam" button provided by the email service. OR/ indicate that letters coming from this address are safe.

Note: Some servers (ie: Government) will block emails coming in from non authorized websites. If this is your case, you will have to give us another email address to use.

All of our communications are done via email and in turn the web attendance system. ALL players must use this system to indicate their playing intentions. Failure to not comply will result in the player losing their opportunity to participate in that particular game.

More information about this can be found here