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Rules and Regulations

What is organizes non contact adult recreational hockey programs (rec hockey) in the Ottawa area. Established in 1998, our network has over 450 registered members with programs running in both the fall/winter and summer seasons. We pride ourselves on being able to keep a good balance between the competitive nature of the sport and the social aspects of the game (both on and off of the ice). As a result, we have many players who return regularly to our programs season after season.

Last update Sept 21 2014

Rules and Regulations:

Section 1: ON ICE DEMEANOR/ Personal Conduct

1.0: Personal Injury Waiver

1.1: Non Contact Recreational Hockey

1.2: Slap Shots(our standard rule in effect)

1.3: NO Slap Shot Agreement (as an enforcement tool if required)

1.4a: Fighting(verbal or physical)

1.4b: Retaliation

1.5: Alcohol and Drugs

2.0 Weekly Administration
        Automated Emails
        Game Status
2.1: Failure to Report - Removal of a participant
3.0 Your Privacy Counts

Section 6: Payment Information

6.0: Payment Information, Due Dates, Costs, Fees etc

6.1: Payment Methods

6.2: Overdue Payments

6.3: Deferred/ Split Payments


Section 7: Refunds, Reimbursements and Compensation

7.0: Refunds, Reimbursements and Compensation

7.1: Session Starts and Conclusions

7.2: Missed Games

7.3: Game Starting Time

7.4 Personal Conduct

7.5 Suspensions

7.6 Expulsions From a Program

8.0 Equipment Required
       Hurry Up Rushes
       Giving The Red Line (Start of play)
10.4 CH Protocols - Stoppage in Play (Puck over the glass/ Hitting the safety net)
10.6 Hockey Infractions (Major & Minor infractions)

New to our programs?

Some answers to common questions...

Q: I'm new to recreational hockey programs, what is the age range and skill level of the players?

Posted 9/20/2014

A: Our programs have players ranging from 20 thru to their mid 50's. The average age is around 27 years old. The caliber of players ranges from a low intermediate (novice) to advanced. We run programs designed specifically for different skill levels.

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Q: Are there referees?

Posted 9/20/2014

A: No. Using referees actually slows the games down and to some degree elevates the agressiveness on the ice. It often creates a scenario where some players want to see what they can get away with (we've all seen this before).

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Q: Do I need full equipment? Face protection, shoulder pads etc?

Posted 9/20/2014

A: All players must have a CSA approved hockey helmet and well maintained gear on at all times during the game. Your gear must be in good shape (no visible damage that can cause a hazard for you or someone else).

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Q: I'm new to the sport, is this a good program for me to fit in to?

Posted 9/20/2014

A: CapitalHockey runs two programs that are specifically set up to accomodate players of varied skill levels.

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Q: I can't commit to playing full time, do I have other options?

Posted 9/20/2014

A: No problem! Our network consists of over 450 members - many of whom don't play on a regular basis. However the strength of our programs are 

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Q: I'm currently enrolled in a CH program, will there be space for me in the next session?

Posted 9/20/2014

A: Absolutely! Players who are currently enrolled in a program will have the first option to enrol or refuse a spot in the upcoming session.

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Q: I'm not getting the weekly game notices from the CH website?

Posted 9/20/2014

A: The CH website has been running for many years and is for the most part "bug free". If you are not getting your email notices from the website,

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