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Rec Hockey Promotions

"Friends play hockey with Friends! ", has been the recruitment philosophy of since its conception. Our rec hockey network is strong and actively growing because we know that good people hang out with others that are similar to themselves. We want to reward you for helping us grow our network with quality people and look forward to the fun we'll have playing hockey together!

Thank you,


Conditions of this offer can be viewed in a larger font at the bottom of this page.

"Friends Play Hockey With Friends " Promotion

Application Requirements

To qualify for your $25 recreational hockey registration fee credit, please complete the electronic submission form on this page.

Notice: the player you are introducing MUST have their own online registration at completed within 1 week of this submission form being received (by you) to qualify. 

It may be helpful if you send them this link to register: player registration page

or copy and paste the following into an email:

The registration fees for both you AND the new person you are introducing must be paid in full to qualify for this promotional discount.

Once the following has been received by 

1.) Your submission form "introducing your friend"

2.) Your friend's registration at


3.) All rec hockey fees are paid in full from both you and the "new" player

We will send you an email to confirm that you have qualified for the $25.00 game credit and will make arrangements with you to either pay it out at that time, or to have it applied to an upcoming session.

Fields marked with * are required.

NOTICE: It is mandatory that all players accept the conditions of the personal injury waiver prior to being allow access to the arena or its facilities.


WAIVER: The person whom responds in the affirmative to this waiver (through submission of a request to participate form), hereby request permission to participate in or on the facilities operated by the City of Ottawa. In executing this unconditional waiver, I state that my attendance and participation in the stated recreational hockey (rec hockey) activity is voluntary. I assume all risk of injury to my person and property that may be sustained in connection with any activity involved through my attendance and participation of all capitalhockey adult rec hockey programs, events or activities. I hereby, for myself, my heirs, administrators and assignors, release, waive, and discharge organizers, conveners, adminstrators and player of the capitalhockey network, the City of Ottawa, its sponsors, agents, representatives, or officials from all claims, demands and actions and causes of action of any sort for injury sustained to my person and/or property during my participation in the activities including tournaments due to negligence or any other fault. In addition,

I have read and accept the specific rules and regulations (posted on the website) that govern each event to which I am participating in. I further agree to display good sportsmanship at all times. I have read this waiver and fully understand its terms, conditions and meaning.

Promotion Conditions:

* Valid to active members of who are currently registered in a program and whose fees are paid in full. The active member will be referred to as "the sponsor" from this point forward.

* There is no limit to how many new members a sponsor may introduce, provided the event roster does not exceed its maximum amount of players (typically 20 skaters and 2 goalies).

* The sponsor must have introduced the "new member" via email or by using the provided electronic form within 1 week of the new members official online registration at to qualify.

* The "new member" must be a first time (full session) registrant of CapitalHockey and have all fees paid in full to qualify. 

* Players making deferred payments do not qualify for this promotion.

* All members of must abide by the leagues rules and regulations at all times.

* The start date of this promotion is April 2014. There is no end date.

* CapitalHockey reserves the right to decline this offer at any time.