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                                                                    Getting Started

Thank you for you registering at! 

We'd like to know a bit more about you so that we can help you find the hockey program(s) you are interested in.

Please take a moment and follow the following steps. Once your information has been received the CH administrator will be in touch to get you started!


If you haven't already done so, please register at In doing so, we can then add your name to a game roster, send you any session updates, game & sparing notices and issue any personal injury waivers (required prior to each game played).


Your first step is to register on the website. This link (click image) will take you there. Please skip this step if you've already registered. Thank you!



To set you up in the proper program, we'll need a bit of information to get started. Please fill out the form on this page.

Notice: The information you provide here will always remain private and is solely for the purpose of establishing the right program for your skill level.


 You're almost finished! Once both your registration and information forms have been received by the administrator, someone from CapitalHockey will be in touch (most likely by email) to discuss what's roster spots are available, OR how to get into the games (should you only be interested in playing as an occasional spare player)

More info can be found here:

Information about CapitalHockey can be found in the CH Players Lounge (click image)


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We're looking forward to seeing you on the ice!


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