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Thursday Night Hockey

October  – April 

Adult Recreational Hockey: organized, non contact, no referees.

Description:  The original programs, Thursday Night Hockey is a fast tempo'd game consisting of intermediate to advanced players. Many within this group have been playing together for many years and as a whole the group provides a really fun atmosphere.

Rated level of play: Intermediate to Advanced Skill

Game times: 11 p.m. 


Richcraft Sensplex (east) 813 Shefford Road, Ottawa, ON. Map: click here



 “*” Dates indicate games overlapping with the current summer program. 


Please contact the administrator 

NEW PLAYERS ARE WELCOME (both full time and sparing opportunities are available).


  Please note - all program and cost information may change without notice.

Those registering after the start date, your fees will be "prorated" to accomodate the games you weren't able to play.

Consult the administrator for the most current updates.

Sign up as a spare player only: Spare player registration

How to make your session payment? click here

For more information, please contact the administrator



See you on the ice!