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Session Notes & Updates runs organized rec hockey programs in the Ottawa area throughout the year, with very few stoppages. A benefit of being part of the community for so long, our game times are locked in with the city, and this guarantees us having a fixed schedule that won't jump around.

"We all work in the morning, and just want a good fun game!  CH works hard to provide our members a well organized, socially strong program! Hockey is an emotional game, and we've seen it all! But one thing that is constant is the players who join CapitalHockey remain in the fold and return back often. In the many years of running adult programs, we've had only 4 incidents where players have been removed from our network of players. The reason why is simple, we have a zero tolerance towards any rough play, we have clearly defined rules and regulations, and our membership are all socially engaged within the group.

Yep we're running organized hockey, but with a pick-up hockey flare!  Of all the rec hockey programs in Ottawa, CapitalHockey is one of the few that uses an online game manager to organize our events. Players receive notices prior to each event that will record their attendance and have all waivers accepted prior to the game (meaning significantly less admin delays). This system is very effective as it allows the conveners to fill any roster vacancies with spare players ensuring that each game is well populated and is of the best quality available!

Sometimes rec hockey goaltenders are hard to find? ...But not for us! a free national "find a goalie" website, is a subsidiary of CapitalHockey. The CG site has over 2000 registered members (over 400 in the Ottawa area alone). Being directly affiliated with, we have access to a large number of quality net minders. As a player, the worst thing to show up to is an empty net... we've got that covered!

The strength of our network is it people. We have a very large and diverse sparing network that we regularly call upon to complete our game rosters. New players entering are encouraged to come out and try our programs on for fit prior to making any long term commitments. We'll do our best to make you feel comfortable and look forward to seeing you on the ice!

Please contact the administrator if you have any questions.

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