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Members Profile: The information you provide on your profile will be the deciding factor between getting "a game day call" and being passed over for the next person in line! 

Privacy: Our members have full control over what information is seen by others online. You may edit or delete your profile at any time, giving you full functionality of the site. Yes, you have placed some personal information on line that is visible to others - however, MRH has taken steps to try and keep your information away from those who aren't using it for its intended purpose (in a player find context).

Security: We've added multiple layers of security at the point of registration to stop auto bots from infiltrating our system and causing problems (leaving unwanted spam, information gathering etc). If its a real person who is causing problems, they will be dealt with via our moderating staff who help keep the site free of spam and issues.

Communications: MRH uses a PM/Email system which hides your email address and is only able to be sent if the user correctly follows a security check. This won't stop some from being a pest, however - our system is able to fully track their actions and block them from bothering others in the future.

Your phone number (at your discretion) may be added to your "posting profile". Its a good idea to have it there, as any conveners looking for players will be more likely to contact you if they can do so directly. Remember, often the window to find someone is around 4 hours, so if you're hard to reach - you'll probably be passed over for an easier to find candidate.