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Convener Activity (What is allowed, what is not)
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:37:42 PM »
A Convener is any person who uses this site to promote or advertise any game/ program/ event or team regardless if there is a player recruitment component or not.  We want our conveners to use this site as a valuable resource to populate their programs. However we also want them to respect the work that has been done on their behalf and not damage our services' value and integrity through personal misuse.

1.8 CONVENER ACTIVITY (What is allowed, what is not)
Permissible postings and content

1) FULL PROGRAM ADVERTISEMENTS: Conveners may post advertisements promoting an upcoming program or event. This includes information about arena location, costs (including any goaltender fees), schedule dates, registration info & how to, phone numbers, pictures, logos and websites*.

* Websites: A convener MAY NOT add any URL's that redirect the MRH/CG membership into a website designed to populate a network competitively similar to the MRH/ CG player find services (ie: to populate an organizations spares or goalie list). The website MUST ONLY BE a team site where players visit to gain information about upcoming events, schedules and game notes. It MAY NOT be a resource to find other players. We will not accept any "grey area" here - if in doubt, don't add the URL (note: failure to comply may result in a posting suspension or full ban).

* Start and End Dates: The posted program/ advertisement must be for a specific program or event with a listed start and end date (session or season). Conveners MAY NOT put up a general registration advertisement in efforts to populate their network on an ongoing basis (your post must be game and date specific).

* Costs: Conveners may add the player and goalie costs for a full time program placement or single event. They also may add the sparing fee for skaters and goaltenders if applicable (NOTE: this site supports and endorses teams that DO NOT CHARGE spare goaltenders to play). The reference to costs for goaltenders is "lightly" meant to be in the fulltime/ regular player capacity-  however with the cost of the ice rentals, we understand that sometimes this is not realistic.
In situations where there is a goaltending fee advertised, the administration of this site reserves the right to moderate that information (to remove at will) if we feel it  is exploiting the spirit of the goalie find service.

* Compilation of personal data: Conveners MAY NOT make a general request of the MRH/ CG membership to sign up as a spare within their own program(s). As this directly impacts the value and benefit of this site, any convener doing this will receive a warning, followed by a suspension should they carry on doing this practice.

* Information Mining: If a convener is reported to be harvesting personal contact information (through phone, private messages or any other means) that person will be immediately banned from this site. We have gone to great lengths to provide this as a free service for everyone to enjoy (and find more hockey). Notice: we have a number of members who are specifically placed in roles to monitor such activity (moderators, regional users, site visitors)... you will be caught if you are abusing our site, and will be banned for inappropriate activity - please respect the work we have done on your behalf! This should be considered a zero tolerance issue.

How violations are handled?
Minor site violations will be edited at the posting level. The moderator or admin will leave behind a short message explaining that a violation has occurred (typically by deleting the violation and placing an explanation in brackets where the violation was written in the post.

If the same author has (in a reasonably short period of time) a second incident - they will be warned that the third occurrence will result in a posting suspension.

After the first suspension, any member who continually disregards our posting policy will be either suspended indefinitely from posting on this site, or will be banned from any access.

It is the members responsibility to know the site rules. It is not a requirement for the administration to explain why posting privileges have been withheld or revoked. Please respect the rules and enjoy our services as they were meant to be offered.

MRH/ CG admin

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