Author Topic: After Registration: REQUEST A REGIONAL MEMBERSHIP & ACTIVATE YOUR PLAYING STATUS  (Read 3440 times)

Description: Important Profile Set Up - All members should complete this

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Why do this?

Upon registration, all new members are placed into a "general membership" that provides you access to the forums. However, the forum access of the general membership is extremely limited. By choosing a regional membership, you will open parts of the board that are tailored specifically to your geographic area.
Next, if you intend on using this site to find places to actively play on a team or organization, or to find players & goaltenders, you'll want to establish yourself in an ACTIVE STATUS membership (as a regional goaltender, regional skater or both). Doing so will allow conveners and organizers find you in member searches.

STEP ONE: Go to your PROFILE page (using the top menu bar). Find and enter GROUP MEMBERSHIP. Choose the geographic region that best suites your location, then choose your active playing status (also by region).

If you are a business, or a non active player - you do not need to choose an active playing status.

Both features require admin approval before they are activated. Once they are, you have full control over your new memberships and can remove yourself at anytime from either by returning to this page.

1.) A membership group: This is your geographic region and will tailor the incoming information to your specific requirements. The options are: British Columbia, Alberta, Central Canada (Prairies) Ontario, Eastern Ontario, Quebec, & the Maritime Provinces. 

If you are a business, choose BUSINESS as your option (more site traffic, but it opens all geographic regions to your view).

2.) Active Player Status: Tell us if you are an "Active Goaltender" or an "Active Player"

If you aren't an active player - you do not need to choose an active status. Opting out of this option will reduce the amount of game requests you'll be subjected to. However EVERYONE will want to be added to a regional membership (so you can see the boards from your area and not be bothered with everything else).

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