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                                                               Rules and Regulations/ Player Review


Player Review

Last Revision: October 2014

Subject to change without notice.

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The following are questions that have been developed to educate the members of CapitalHockey about the network Rules and Regulations. It is the players responsibility to review, fully understand and comply with that information.

Players will not be given permission to participate within the group until the administrator is confident that the player understands and is in compliance with the Rules and Regulations.

To qualify for participation in a program, please answer the following by following these steps:


1.) Download the Player's Review questions here (A word document will open)

2.) Read the question in its entirety.

3.) Go to the corresponding section in the CH Rules and Regulations guide. HINT: see the Quick Find on the right hand side of this page for fast reference.

4.) Copy and paste the appropriate section under the question.

5.) Save the information, then email that updated document back to the administrator. here


In person, or by phone

If the player chooses, they can have a face to face meeting with the administrator and answer these same questions verbally (or by phone).

1.) Print out the questions and bring them with you to that meeting.

2.) The administrator will review those questions with you at that time.

Only after the review has successfully been completed, may the player participate in the program.



1.) Slap Shots: What is the regulation in regards to slap shots during our game? How are slap shots identified as on the ice? What are the ramifications if you break this rule?


2.) What is the regulation regarding fighting? What are the ramifications if you breath this rule?


3.) If you are interfered with on the ice, are you allowed to retaliate against the person who created the problem? What are the ramifications if you break this rule?


4.) When are the automated game request emails sent out and what does the hyperlink in those emails do?


5.) What is the game day deadline to report your playing status? What happens if a player misses that deadline?


6.) What are the players obligations in regards to having a technical issue which keeps them from reporting their playing status on the web attendance system?


7.) Are you allowed to recruit players from CapitalHockey to other organizations or leagues? What are the ramifications if you are caught?


8.) When are payments due? If I miss the payment deadline, what happens?


9.) What is the CapitalHockey policy regarding refunds? Can a player transfer a portion of their session to another session or another person?


10.) When is the latest a player can report to a game (on the ice) without prior consent by the administrator?


11.) What colours are not permitted to be worn during our games?


12.) Can a player participate without a mask or cage attached to their helmets?


13.) If a player is causing an on ice disturbance, what action can the on ice convenor take against them?


14.) When warming up a goaltender, what 3 things should a player NOT be doing?


15.) If an offside call is made, what must the player with the puck do?


16.) If a player is caught in a delayed offside, what can they do to keep the play alive?


17.) If a goaltender stops the puck, what action may a team mate do to resume the play (describe)?


18.) If a goal is scored, how does the play reset? What are the requirements of both teams?


19.) What happens if the puck hits any part of the netting above the glass?


20.) What is running the goaltender and the ramifications should a player do this?


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2.0 Weekly Administration
        Automated Emails
        Game Status
         Misreporting of Attendance

Section 6: Payment Information

6.0: Payment Information, Due Dates, Costs, Fees etc

6.1: Payment Methods

6.2: Overdue Payments

6.3: Deferred/ Split Payments

Section 7: Refunds

7.0: Refunds, Reimbursements and Compensation

7.1: Session Starts and Conclusions

7.2: Missed Games

7.3: Game Starting Time

7.4 Personal Conduct

7.5 Suspensions

7.6 Expulsions From a Program

        Hurry Up Rushes
        Giving The Red Line